Japan | 94 min.

1.33:1 OAR

black & white


Special Features

• 2 x disc special edition containing new transfers of both Oyu-sama and Ugetsu Monogatari.

• New and improved English subtitles.

• Video discussions about both Ugetsu Monogatari and Oyu-sama by acclaimed Japanese film expert/critic, festival programmer, and filmmaker Tony Rayns.

• Original theatrical trailers.

• 64-page booklet featuring writing by Keiko I. McDonald (author of Mizoguchi and editor of Ugetsu) and award-winning translations of Ueda Akinari’s The Reed-Choked House and A Serpent’s Lust, tales adapted by Mizoguchi in Ugetsu Monogatari.

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Kenji Mizoguchi, 1951

Another literary adaptation – this time of a story by one of Japan’s modern literary masters, novelist Tanizaki Jun’ichiro – Mizoguchi’s Oyu-sama [Miss Oyu] is a poignant and contemplative tale of two sisters and their ill-fated relationship with the same man. At the core is Mizoguchi-regular Tanaka Kinuyo (who also stars in Ugetsu Monogatari) as the eponymous Oyu, the older sister who allows marital customs to dictate the lives of those caught up in this complex love triangle.

Continuing the director’s fascination with the relationship between affairs of the heart and the social mores that shape and sometimes destroy them, Mizoguchi transforms his subject matter into the realm of the transcendental through the use of long, mobile shots – an approach that reaches its apotheosis in a take of almost six minutes — infused with humanity and emotion.

The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present Mizoguchi’s films for the first time on home video in the UK — Oyu-sama is only available as a twinpack with Ugetsu Monogatari.

Only available as part of the Ugetsu Monogatari / Oyu-Sama twin pack:

Ugetsu Monogatari & Oyu-Sama