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The Lost World

The Lost World

Harry O. Hoyt ,

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Had it not been for The Lost World there would never have been King Kong or Jurassic Park.

The Lost World created a worldwide sensation when it opened in 1925. When romance threw down the gauntlet to Edward Malone, not only did he realise another young woman’s dreams and open the door to Professor Challenger to take a party deep into the unforgiving Brazilian jungle, he found himself in terrifying danger, in a pre-historic time, with no hope of escape.

Professor Challenger – ridiculed for his speeches on living dinosaurs and desperate to prove their existence – engineers the expedition with Malone to rescue Paula White’s father (previously stranded on the plateau) and to further his research and show the mocking disbelievers that dinosaurs do still exist after all.

Initially unaware that their efforts are being closely followed by an ape-man – science’s ‘missing link’ – an early appearance of a pterodactyl only hints at what terrifying realities exist high on the isolated plateau.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes could barely have imagined that his script would be the inspiration and forerunner to King Kong, Godzilla, and Jurassic Park. This amazing film, originally believed to have been destroyed or lost forever, has been stunningly restored using a mixture of reconstruction techniques. The outcome is of a remarkable richness.

The Lost World is an incredible combination of original film history in the making, and modern techniques in skilled, caring hands.

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  • Audio commentary by Roy Pilot, Author of The Annotated Lost World
  • Two Alternate Orchestral Scores
  • More than 12 minutes of Animated Outtakes


A hard-edged, chilling film-noir; a powerful and poignant 4-part...