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Souls At Sea

Souls At Sea

Henry Hathaway ,

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Action Adventure

A ship has caught fire and only one lifeboat remains. Now, its captain, Michael Taylor (Gary Cooper) must decide who will live and who will surely die. The story begins at Taylor’s trial where he is charged for the murders of the ship’s passengers who perished. But what his prosecutors don’t know is that he was actually onboard under British secret orders. Unexpectedly, he is awarded a new trial after a representative of the Queen of England steps forward with a detailed account of the tragedy. Next, the real story unfolds, via brilliantly photographed flashbacks, revealing Taylor and his partner’s heroic mission to abolish the inhumane business of slave trading. But will the truth be enough to spare Taylor from a life behind bars?

With its talented cast and compelling plot, Souls at Sea offers a rare combination of intensity, humour and thrilling action that is sure to please classic film lovers everywhere.

Starring Oscar winning actor Gary Cooper (High Noon, The Pride of the Yankees, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town) George Raft (Some Like It Hot, They Drive by Night, Scarface), Frances Dee (I Walked with a Zombie, Of Human Bondage, Little Women) and directed by Henry Hathaway (True Grit, How the West Was Won, The Sons of Katie Elder).

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