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Pay Pal

Will there be a PayPal option again. Wanted to make a order, but can't this way.

Hi all, I have a quick

Hi all, I have a quick question, I adore my 'Fantastic Planet' Blu-Ray and would like to take the soundtrack from it to use on my MP3 player... can this be done? The price of the original CD is more than the Blu-Ray set so i was hoping as i have it on the disc i could use it? Thank you for your help. The site is great too!


Hey Kevin, I am planning to collect all the MOC titles on blu ray. I have one question. Will Metropolis get a release in a regular packaging(with a clear Amaray Case) in the near future? Because the one with the slipcover looks odd in the shelf.

No plans to change the

No plans to change the packaging at the moment. 


Will House(1977) ever get a Blu-Ray release from MOC??

Eureka / MOC newsletter

Hello, is there a monthly / periodic newsletter that can be signed up to?  For details of new releases etc?


I seem to be having trouble setting my password

I get the temporary log in, but when I get to the password change page, it says "Your current password is missing or incorrect; it's required to change the Password." 


You need to enter your

You need to enter your current password in the "current password" field, then your new password in the password field, and confirm in the one below. 

#65 A time to love and a time to die. BLU RAY.

Is the blu ray for A time to love and a time to die out of Print or are you going to restock them?


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Let's talk about wut u guys like to eat when watching a movie both at home and in the theatre.


Guess no one is replying. I eat popcorns and candy while I am watching movies. But nowadays I don't watch that many movies as I am taking a summer course. Trying my best to understand Riemann Sum now....


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