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Whatever the film, where ever it is released, discuss it here. You never know what your discussing could end up in our catalogue. 

Strange Colour Of Your Body's Tears.

Would love to see this get a Blu release over here as at the moment ony the DVD version from Metrodome is available.

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Porgy & Bess

I know, I know, the heirs of George Gershwin.

Still, I really would like to see PORGY AND BESS released on BluRay.

I'd be interested too

I'd be interested too

Classic Noir

Out of the Past would be a great release. Warner Archive surely would licence to Uk. The Killers 1946 also. Hoping may be part of next announcements. While we are discussing Noir - In A Lonely Place and Criss Cross if they ever were available.

Classic Noir

I agree with you Out of the past would be a great choice, as for The Killers it has been released in France by Carlotta and  will be available very shortly.

Anthony Mann's Raw + T men. Also Detour by Ulmer as the copies on Dvd's are so bad 


Classic Noir

I am looking foward to Carlotta Killers BluRay but obviously an MOC release with supplements would be wonderful.

I love T Men and Raw Deal - John Altons photography is amongst the greatest ever and these deserve restorations and BluRay.

MOC have done an enormous service to Lang fans with his complete 1922-1933 films on BluRay. Woman In The Window is a classic film and one of the greatest noirs - rarely acknowledged unfortunately. It richly deserves a restoration and BluRay. It is a beautifully crafted film that expresses Lang's creative vision. A major film!

Lang Woman In The Window

I forgot to add - a David Kalat commentary on a MOC bluray would be major addition to better understanding this brilliant film. The film really needs more exposure. It is a classic. It is up there with Double Indemnity, Out Of The Past etc. It is a precursor to Detour 1945 in how circumstances can tighten the web around us!

Classic film noir

If you are a Lang fan there is also released in France (Wild side) the big heat which has also been restored.

me too looking for Carlotta

me too looking for Carlotta Killers BluRay

Murnau's Schloss Vogelöd

Hi Kevin,

''Schloss Vogelöd'' is from director F.W. Murnau instead of Fritz Lang. Otherwise the site looks great.

Amazing Movie thank you man

Amazing Movie thank you man

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It would be nice bringing to

It would be nice bringing to the west a blu release of Nankyoku monogatari (a.k.a. Antarctica) 1983 by Koreyoshi Kurahara. Overshadowed in the west since its release, the film deserves a wider audience.

Other suggestions:

Il deserto dei tartari (The Desert of the Tartars) 1976 by Valerio Zurlini

Ichimai no hagaki (aka Postcard) 2010, Kaneto Shindo's last film

Hachikô monogatari (1987, screenplay by Shindo)

Yes, I'm a Shindo fan!

How about some Anthony Mann?

How about some Anthony Mann?

Last night, I watched the

Last night, I watched the recent Criterion Blu-Ray release of Douglas Sirk's All that Heaven Allows (hope Eureka don't mind me saying, since they haven't released it). It goes without saying that it's a beautiful film, but that doesn't make it's indictment of middle-class America any less scathing. It's very much a film that criticises the American Dream, with the attainment of wealth and family merely fuelling haughtiness and having written a dissertation on social pressures in Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence and Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina only a few months ago, I could recognise the same thematic content in Sirk's film - but 50s America is a lot more boistrous forthright than either 1890s New York or Imperial Russia. While the world of 'All That Heaven Allows' doesn't quite share their opulance, Sirk's use of Technicolor gives the film a visual boldness that perfectly conveys the same claustrophobia of those two canonical texts. A truly wonderful film, with an outstanding lead performance by Jane Wyman.

another Imamura would be nice

another Imamura would be nice, like the pornographers , or one of the many Suzuki movies that never seems to get past DVD.


and since Twilight Time is releaseing Man Hunt (lang) maybe that would be possible as well (they released some other Eureka movies as well)

Robin Williams

What a sad news.. Robin Williams was found dead this morning.. :(

Nicholas Ray

Johnny Guitar would be a great choice.

Great Photography, colours are amazing and it has been restored a while ago.

also Mildred Pierce with Joan Crawford as well as David Miller's Sudden Fear.



Great Photography, colours are amazing and it has been restored a while ago.


also Mildred Pierce with Joan Crawford as well as David Miller's Sudden Fear.

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I'm new to Eureka! and so far I'm rather impressed at the immense catalogue this website offers. I noticed however that 'The Seventh Seal' is not featured... could this be a possible recomendation? 

Also I've just purchased 'Metropolis' from the website and was wondering if anyone could give me a few suggestions of what I should add to my watchlist? 


The Seventh Seal is already

The Seventh Seal is already on blu-ray - Tartan released it a while back. It's slowly going OOP though so I'd grab a copy if I were you! It's a really decent transfer, probably the best Tartan have released to date actually.


If you enjoy Metropolis, I'd recommend Fritz Lang's Frau Im Mond which Eureka recently released on blu-ray.

I got it!

Thanks for the reply, I quickly rushed online and hunted for a copy of 'The Seventh Seal'. It's ordered so I should be expecting it soon! I did enjoy Metropolis, it's actually the first Fritz Lang film I've seen. However I kinda want to explore Ingmar Bergman's films before I tackle Lang's but I'll add Frau Im Mond to my wishlist.


Where's the murderer?

I don't really know where to post this or if it will do any good, but as my opinion of all of you at MoC is very high it might.    

I was watching the blu ray of Les Diaboliques from Arrow Acadamy the other day (what a fantastic film) so I thought I'd better see what other H.G. Clouzot films are available I quickly discovered  that he directed The Murderer lives at Number 21, oh! I thought that's a MoC title I'll have to get it when I make my next order, well I've looked all over your website and I can't see it listed for sale anywhere, I'm not sure if it is now unavailable or if this is an oversight on your (or my) part and if it is  if you can do anything about it, anyway here's hoping... 

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The Phantom of the Opera

Just read a little bit about the movie. Which version(s) is/are presented on your DVD?

Best regards WFL

Eiichi Kudo


A little while ago I watched all three "Samurai Revolution" films of Eiichi Kudo (11 Samurai, 13 Assassins and The Great Killing) and was really impressed (and sad because there are no Region-B versions of these films except an oop box in France - perhaps Eureka Classic Material? )

Yesterday I finally found a fourth Eichi Kudo film "Castle of Owls" (1963) which is a early japanesye ninja movie and honestly I want more. But all I could find online  are cheesy modern day action flicks...

So I thought I ask you guys for some recommendations. What I want are period dramas with compelx politcal situations with various parties that play each other with spies and assassins.

I hope someone can help me (and this is the right place to ask ;).

Best regards

(and excuse my bad english - I am from Germany)


Does anyone else use letterboxed to log/review films? It's one of those sites like that I just end up getting really into because I love logging things, and looking at lists and stuff.

(I make no apologes for my love of 80's teen films :p )

A Matter Of Life & Death

I would also like to make a title suggestion please.  I think Powell & Pressburger would fit perfectly with your Masters of Cinema ethos, and I have been waiting a long time for A Matter Of Life & Death to be released on blu-ray.  The omission is surprising since many of their titles have had widespread blu-ray releases.  This film would be an obvious collectable for enthusiasts.

ITV own A Matter of Life and

ITV own A Matter of Life and Death, so that probably won't be on Blu-ray until The FIlm Foundation/BFI/ITV have restored it.

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Spiderman Homecoming

Well spiderman the homecoming by marvel is coming out very soon. Can't wait to watch that movie. Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.!!

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Oh Moana is a great new disney movie. I like the soundtracks a lot and the plot is kinda cool as well. I like the demi god Maui a lot cuz it really looks like the rock Dwayne Johnson xd.

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Is it possible to discuss the film you like? I cannot find the thread about this.


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