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Does anyone else use letterboxed to log/review films? It's one of those sites like that I just end up getting really into because I love logging things, and looking at lists and stuff.

(I make no apologes for my love of 80's teen films :p )

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A Matter Of Life & Death

I would also like to make a title suggestion please.  I think Powell & Pressburger would fit perfectly with your Masters of Cinema ethos, and I have been waiting a long time for A Matter Of Life & Death to be released on blu-ray.  The omission is surprising since many of their titles have had widespread blu-ray releases.  This film would be an obvious collectable for enthusiasts.

ITV own A Matter of Life and

ITV own A Matter of Life and Death, so that probably won't be on Blu-ray until The FIlm Foundation/BFI/ITV have restored it.

Nice Thread

Recently watched Doctor strange on Cinema Box Android app. It's really a cool movie. Had anybody seen the movie? What do you think about the movie?


Cool! I like

All I can say after watching - it's a complete delight! Quality, graphics, special effects are all 100%. I did not expect special meaning, it's Marvel. Benedict's terrific. I watched for him 2 sessions in a row. And on the third Tuesday I'll go. I certainly recommend to watch in Imax, it's worth it. In general, I recommend everyone to viewing, you will not regret it. In my opinion this is the best blockbuster of 2016.

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are you see the DANGAl, an

are you see the DANGAl, an indian movie.? go and watch that beautiful movie which is a real life story of a person. i watched that movie by bunking my bba logistics courses class. truly its an inspirative movie to me. you can also download the movie print in torrentz.

i prefer all of you one of

i prefer all of you one of the best indian film BAHUBALI. it gets the highest collection record in indian film industry. i played this movie in my alleppey houseboat for my clients. 


i think the movie PK. its an indian film. such an amazing movie.  actually my company doing website content writing services india . when the film released my boss gave lave all of us. 


3 IDIOTS. its on of my favourite film acted by amir khan. amazing movie. i saw this fim by tooke a leave from the Signage Company in Dubai. go and watch it.

Spiderman Homecoming

Well spiderman the homecoming by marvel is coming out very soon. Can't wait to watch that movie. Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.!!

yes, it's a cool movie. I

yes, it's a cool movie. I also waited for a long time. But the film did not justify all my hopes. Special effects are certainly at the height, but the plot is a bit unfinished. I even wanted to write a review or about this movie myself. If you also need a good review of the movie you can order an essay cheap online.



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Oh Moana is a great new disney movie. I like the soundtracks a lot and the plot is kinda cool as well. I like the demi god Maui a lot cuz it really looks like the rock Dwayne Johnson xd.

Is it possible to discuss the

Is it possible to discuss the film you like? I cannot find the thread about this.


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Download Onebox HD Android app to watch all the latest movies for free.

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