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February 08th, 2019

Eureka’s April 2019 release schedule has been confirmed today, and is set to feature Billy Wilder’s witty and energetic comedic showpiece starring James Cagney, an intimate and spiritual biopic of one girl’s ultimate test of faith starring Jennifer Jones, and a beautiful and haunting folk tale based on Lapland mythology.

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February 08th, 2019

An Icelandic black comedy, a dark and twisted psychological thriller, and one of the greatest film noirs of all time is what we’ve got up for grabs in this month’s prize giveaway:

January 18th, 2019

The results of Eureka's "End of Year 2018 Poll" are in!  Thank you for everyone who has voted.


Q1. What is your favourite Eureka release of 2018?

1. Police Story 1 / Police Story 2 (Eureka Classics) Blu-ray 20.6%

2. The Old Dark House (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format  10.3%

3. Once Upon a Time in China Trilogy (Eureka Classics) Blu-ray 9.8%

January 11th, 2019

Welcome back to another year and another round of our monthly giveaways! We’ve got some catching up to do, so we’ve got our December 2018 titles up for grabs this time round! 

January 09th, 2019

Eureka’s March 2019 release schedule has been confirmed today, and is set to feature Billy Wilder’s crowd-pleasing romantic comedy Irma La Douce, authentic WWII action thriller Sink the Bismarck! and action-comedy tour de force, Wheels on Meals featuring Jackie Chan.

December 19th, 2018

2018 kicked off with two releases from Eureka’s imprint Montage Pictures, the label’s home to ground-breaking and thought-provoking world cinema from new and upcoming directors. First up came New World, a slick edge-of-your-seat thriller and one of the finest gangster films for many years, from Park Hoon-jung,one of South Korea’s finest directors.