22nd March, 2016

April and May releases


An exciting couple of months ahead of us, which includes three new directors joining the Masters of Cinema Series for the first time in April  – Sydney Pollack, Dziga Vertov and Bernardo Bertolucci.

April sees  the release of  Three Days of the Condor, director Sydney Pollack’s critically acclaimed suspense-thriller starring Robert Redford in a sinuous tale of deceit and corruption, available in its first ever home video release in the UK, in a Dual Format edition.

Later in the month, Bernardo Bertolucci’s epic masterpiece of friendship and betrayal, Novecento (1900) a stunning five-hour saga with an international cast, including Robert De Niro and Gérard Depardieu, following the intertwined fates of two childhood friends born on the same day in 1900 at opposite ends of the social scale. 

Last but certainly not least for April, quite simply the film that Sight & Sound voted “The greatest documentary ever made”, Man with a Movie Camera, the experimental 1929 silent documentary film by Soviet director Dziga Vertov, will be released in a limited-edition 4-Disc Dual-Format edition – you can pre-order your copy now in our store to ensure you don’t miss out.

May brings us the worldwide Blu-ray debut of The Last Command, Josef von Sternberg’s witty send-up of the Hollywood machine, starring the Academy Award winning Emil Jannings. 

Also getting their second entry into the Masters of Cinema Series, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Journey to the Shore, a delicate, supernatural love story which confirms the director’s place as a contemporary auteur, to be released in a Dual Format edition.


And finally a bit of light-hearted relief, comes in the shape of Grace & Favour, the innuendo-laden BBC TV classic and spin off to Are You Being Served? from comedy-writer legends David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, on DVD for the first time in UK.




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