6th October, 2015

December releases


Last week we announced some new titles that'll be coming in December.

Elaine May becomes the first female director to enter the Masters of Cinema series with her endearing comedy A New Leaf. Starring Walter Matthau and May herself, A New Leaf is the story of Henry (Matthau), a once-rich playboy who has obliviously spent his entire inheritance. Desperate to marry into further financial support, he meets Henrietta (May), a shy, awkward, though independently wealthy botany professor. What follows is a giddy tale of dubious legal advice, ruthless skulduggery and ferns..

Also in December we have a groundbreaking late Western by Andre De Toth, the director of the 3D extravaganza House of Wax, Day of the Outlaw. Starring the magnificent Robert Ryan who portrays Blaise Starrett a man who comes between a landowner and his wife. After a band of outlaws ride into town headed by Jack Bruhn (Burl Ives), Starrett must rise to the occasion and defend the hostage townsfolk while redeeming his own advances towards the landowner’s wife. Tarantino recently commented that the film was a big influence on his latest offering – The Hateful Eight – this is one not to miss. 




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