3rd May, 2016

Spring Offers


Calling all fans of great British Television. If you're craving an innuendo-laden piece of classic comedy then look no further, this month sees the release of Grace & Favour, the hilarious follow up to Are You Being Served?. Grace & Favour reunites the dysfunctional Grace Brothers sales team for more misadventures and innuendo-laden squabbling. Officially released on the 23rd of May this four-disc set is available and shipping right now from our webstore!

As the sun has finally decided to raise it's head, we've made some reductions across lots of titles on our websotre, with titles from £5.99 there's a great range of offers to choose from, available for a limited time. The full list of titles on offer are: 

Best of the BBC

Grace & Favour - £22.99

Two Thousand Acres of Sky - £22.99

The Brittas Empire (The Complete Series One to Seven) - £22.99

Just Good Friends (The Complete Series One to Three) - £22.99

The Dark Side of the Sun - £18.99

Maelstrom - £18.99

Who Pays The Ferryman? - £18.99

Dead Head - £9.99


The Masters of Cinema Series

Three Days of the Condor (Dual Format) - £12.99

The Friends of Eddie Coyle (Dual Format) - £12.99

Eureka (Dual Format) - £12.99

Fixed Bayonets (Dual Format) - £12.99

Novecento [1900] (Blu-ray) - £12.99

Fritz Lang's M (DVD and Dual Format available) - £9.99

Metropolis (DVD) - £9.99

Nosferatu (DVD) - £9.99

Sunrise (Dual Format) - £9.99

Faust (Dual Format) - £9.99

Das Cabinet des Dr Caligari (Dual Format) - £9.99

The Offence (Dual Format) - £9.99

Wooden Crosses (Dual Format) - £9.99

Paper Moon (Dual Format) - £9.99

The Quiet Man (Blu-ray) - £9.99


Claude Lanzmann's Shoah

Shoah (DVD) - £22.99

4 Films After Shoah (DVD) - £24.99


Classic Hollywood and Wonderful Documentaries

The Benny Goodman Story (DVD) - £5.99

The Black Shield of Falworth (DVD) - £5.99

Prince Valiant (DVD) - £5.99

The War Lord (DVD) - £5.99

More Than Honey (DVD) - £5.99

Nightbombers (DVD) - £5.99










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